4 Seasons Tea - The Herbal Wellness Blend

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Ancient Remedies -  四時萬應茶

Naturaura’s 4Seasons Wellness Tea is the ultimate arsenal for year-round ailments such as cold, indigestion, sore throat, headaches, migraines, stress, bloating, indigestion, and allergies. Naturaura's Herbalists created this formula as the go-to for whenever we begin to feel ill, and we've been drinking it since then. Go ahead, drink some. It’s good for you.

Herbal teas are a culmination of various herbs, flowers, and spices that are all caffeine-free. The refreshing wild mint and zing of fresh tangerine peel makes feeling good taste even better. 

Boost your immune system with all natural herbs and “cool” your system down, cause let’s be honest - it sucks to feel ill. Cuddle up and sip slowly. We love you. 

24 Tea Packets

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